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Topeeka represents print collection, mainly shirts, which are designed for urban modern men and women. The Topeeka prints have Scandinavian influences with illustrations that are graphic and unique.

The name “Topeeka” for the collection comes from Eija Katriina’s past. Topeeka is the main street in Eija Katriina's home town, Kauhajoki, where she was born and raised. This unusual Finnish street name has an interesting history. Topeeka was one of the first roads in countryside, which got asphalt surface. Construction men took bitumen from brown paper sacks, where stood the word “Topeka”. Eventually road builders started to call this street as "Topeeka". Bitumen was originally made in the Topeka city, in the United States.

Eija Katriina has always traveled a lot and has literally been on the road all the time during last few years. But there is only one road that brings her back to her roots, that is called Topeeka.

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