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Image of fashion designer Eija Katriina Image of fashion designer Eija Katriina


Eija Katriina is the talented designer behind Katriina Moon and Topeeka brands. She was born and raised in Finland, the land of midnight sun in the summer and utter darkness in the winter. She has always loved nature, but also can't live without pulsating city lights. Eija is extremely lively and energetic woman, who has various areas of interest besides fashion: dancing, music, culture, history, sustainable development and human rights, just to name a few.

In the future Eija would like to focus more towards ecological textiles, fabric recycling and ecological production processes where special attention is paid to reduce the amount of the water, chemical noxiousness and other aspects of manufacturing processes that can be harmful to the environment. Eija wishes that her designs endure time and won’t just be products for one season. She is interest in cooperating with different industries and creating new healthy business networks. She is against the type of capitalism where human rights and environmental aspects are trampled on.

Eija has studied Environmental Science in the University of Eastern Finland, Fashion Design in the Art Institute of Seattle and currently she is enrolled in Textile and Clothing Technology Program at the University of Applied Science in Lahti, Finland, but finishes her engineer studies in the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

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