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–In the northern woodlands where spirits of nature dwell, where summer days are fresh and bright and winter days crushingly cold, where forests glow with autumn tints, there stories grow numerous and heroines are without defeat–


Katriina Moon -brand is based on the designer's inspiration from "Kalevala", the Finnish significant mythology about magical stories of war, romance, lust and tragedies. “Ilmatar”, the goddess of wind and water in the mythology has especially acted as inspiration. “Ilmatar” is occasionally called “Luonnotar” as well, which means "female spirit of nature". Edgy, feminine, elegant, spiritual & mystical is the Nordic-born designer's vision of the brand.

Sign Saint John's Arm, which is used in Eija Katriina logo, is an ancient symbol. This symbol has been commonly used especially in Scandinavia. In Finland St. John's Arm was painted or carved on houses, barns and everyday objects, such as tableware to protect them and their owners from evil spirits and bad luck. Nowadays St. John's Arm is a road sign in Scandinavia and represents national heritage or a sight. Symbol was also used in Finnish coins before currency was changed to euro. Eija Katriina wants to continue tradition and brings this fascinating symbol back to clothes and bring their owner good luck.

The “Moon” [mo:n] word in the brand derives from a certain Finnish dialect, and it means “I am”. This Finnish dialect is spoken in the Southern Ostrobothnia region in West Finland, where Eija Katriina grew up. People in the Ostrobothnia region are characterized as entrepreneurial, independent, brave and hearty –all the qualities Eija as designer and entrepreneur possesses. These are also qualities her designs reflect.

Clothes under Katriina Moon brand are designed for females, who have modern, elegant, feminine and personal style. Garments are made from the best fabrics and are suitable for work, freetime, gala or on stage.

Katriina Moon will make every woman feel like goddess of the day.

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